Jan 31, 2024

Guitar Tabs In The 21st Century

Guitar Tabs In The 21st Century

Once Mark Knopfler, the legendary guitarist of Dire Straits, said that he had to wash his fingers in the blood while learning to play the guitar because he had to master all the chords and consonances, relying solely on himself. In the modern world, Knopfler’s heroism would not only look inappropriate, but at least not very reasonable - guitar tabs are now available to anyone who has access to the Internet, and learning to play the guitar now does not seem too difficult. At least, it does not seem more difficult than it was twenty years ago.

The ChordChord team has prepared for you a small list designed to greatly facilitate the process of learning to play the guitar.

Music software for beginners

Perhaps for many artists music software may seem something frivolous and unworthy of attention, but do not underestimate its capabilities. In particular, the software is able to significantly improve your guitar skills. A chord progression generator like a Cthulhu or ChordChord not only shows what notes a particular chord consists of but also clearly demonstrates how it is necessary to build a sequence of chords to get an attractive sound.

In addition to generators, there are a large number of mobile applications that are designed to develop a musical ear, learn to distinguish chords from each other or, which is somewhat more difficult, repeat a lost melody on the midi-keyboard or on your smartphone.

Software for professionals

After learning how to play easy guitar chords, you have to set aside the world of mobile applications and dive into somewhat more complicated matters. After you learn to play simple progressions, your needs will become bigger, you will need something more powerful. Then come to the aid of music editors like Guitar Pro, which will give you the opportunity to create, edit and listen to the guitar tabs.

It is worth noting that programs of this level sometimes are expensive, and not everyone can afford them, but if you want to become a professional musician, one way or another, you will have to face certain financial costs.

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Use the Internet at 100%

YouTube is the most powerful tool for musicians of all ages, skill levels and genres. Here you will find hundreds of thousands of video tutorials on the playing in a variety of tempos and branches, but for the development of skills, you will need iron self-discipline and the ability to organize your time. In some cases, you can also hire a specialist who will teach you on Skype or even go to an online guitar school. Use everything you can, but before you pay for something, consider whether you can comply with all the obligations you assume.

Programs, applications, video tutorials are very interesting and can be of great benefit, but for many beginners (and even for some professionals) there is a serious pitfall here. It is called “Accumulation Syndrome” and is that the purpose of a musician is not learning, but the accumulation of learning material. Try to avoid this common mistake, and you will succeed.