Feb 6, 2024

5 Tips On Writing Music And Making Money With It

5 Tips On Writing Music And Making Money With It

Those days, when musicians could make money only by working with the record companies, passed far away. We are living in a digital world now, it's never been easier to make money from home using your talent. Your motivation may not be the desire to earn. Commercial success means that your music is loved and listened to. We have prepared a few tips for you that will help you to improve your skills in writing music and earning money with it:

  • Submit to streaming services
  • Write music and share it with the professionals
  • Try freelance
  • Teach Music
  • Sell mixing and production services
  • Play live So let’s get started!

Streaming services

Digital distribution is a must. Streaming on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer and other platforms - is a great opportunity to make some money. You can easily gain subscribers on YouTube by releasing quality content regularly. Once you have a good amount of views, you can monetize videos on your channel and get some money every month with AdSense. Also, you can place demos on YouTube and promote your tracks. So, the essential value that YouTube brings to you is the ability to build a strong community over your talent and bring your work out to the world. There are a lot of tips to succeed on YouTube, so make sure to start now and get ready to receive the Silver Play Button for 100K subscribers.


You can upload your music on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music and get paid for about $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream.

Spotify and Apple Music

Streaming calculator is a great tool that will help you to predict the amount of money you will raise by streaming on the most popular platforms.

Streaming calculator

Perhaps, separately these platforms will not bring you much profit, but in the aggregate they can bring a good income.

Write music and share it with the professionals

Computer music communities As a rule, musicians are asked to indicate the virtual instruments that have been used while writing a particular song. And you can often find the so-called “song hunters” who are looking for high-quality tracks in these communities. Platforms for selling beats If you have already wrote a bunch of songs you can sell beats from it. There is a huge market for beats all over the Internet: Soundgine Beat Stars Air Bit


Your own website

You can sell it using your own platform, but keep in mind that this method requires traffic. Don’t expect to get loads of visitors and customers right after finishing your page. This method requires patience and persistence. Actually there are a few platforms that can help you with website building, in case you’re not familiar with web development:


Creating a business account on Instagram and starting promotional campaign is not as hard as you might think. Try to start with recording and sharing the most appealing parts of your tracks with your subscribers. Don’t forget to be attentive to your audience, try to reach more people and try to spread your tracks all over the world.
Nowadays, the Facebook ads can help you with growing your Instagram account. Don’t forget about quality of your posts/songs. Quality is the most valuable asset you have as a musician.

Instagram music promotion


If you don’t want to create your own website, start selling your music at AudioJungle. To succeed on this platform you should upload tracks regularly, and invest your time and money into some external promotion via SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Audiojungle money calculation


Do not be afraid of money. Many musicians are fundamentally reluctant to take up commercial proposals. Nevertheless, it is a great way not only to make some money, but also a great opportunity to learn something new. You can take orders from clients all over the world and create your music according to their requests. Freelance platforms The easiest way to start is to use the freelance platforms like UpWork or Freelancer and to create a portfolio. Furthermore, creating your own website will make you look more professional. So, keep in mind that mixing the methods from this article raises your chances of becoming more recognizable and making money of it.
Make sure that there is plenty of jobs to choose from:

UpWork works

Usually customers are not very demanding. For example, they need a musical intro to their YouTube videos, which is not rocket science for the overwhelming majority of artists. Composing music for video games Another job, that is often overlooked and underappreciated, is composing music for video games. Therefore, if you’re interested in this field and you are a video games fan, you should definitely try this. Here is a few examples of great composing, that has made a lot of money for the creators of these apps:

Music for games

Sell mixing and production services

The main focus here is to edit the finalized music to make it sound better. If you are good enough to offer these services, let people know that you are open to propositions. As in any such job, focus on creating your portfolio. Place it on your website and start taking orders.


Teach Music

You can easily find someone who wants to learn something you already know and make some money on teaching music. However, you need to think wider - create your own online course or write an e-book that will help your audience.

Online courses

Be sure, you will need to engage your whole audience on every platform while promoting your course. Of course, this stage will take a lot of effort, but the result you will gain is definitely worth it.

Play live

If you’re still working on creating a regular community of followers, playing at bars, weddings, and other private events is a stable source of income that lets you do what you love. Choosing to perform covers may increase the number of orders, cause everybody likes to sing along their favorite songs. But if you are playing original compositions, you can earn royalties from live performances. Do not be afraid to apply for performing on festivals - they may not bring you as much money as you could earn in a small club or pub, but they will give you an opportunity to expand your audience.

We hope that these methods will be useful for your musical career and will boost your income level.