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5 Tips On Writing Music And Making Money With It

Let's be honest, only a very small part of artists can ‘write music’ and do not wish for commercial success somewhere deep down. The point here is not so much in the desire to earn, but in the fact that commercial success means that your music is loved and listened to. This rule also works in the opposite direction - in a sense, the methods by which musicians try to make money can contribute to popularizing the music itself.

We have prepared for you 5 tips concentrating not only on writing music, but also on earning on it.

Write music and share it with professionals

If you work on your musical projects not only live but using plug-ins or virtual instruments, feel free to share it in computer music communities. As a rule, musicians are asked to indicate the virtual instruments with which this or that song is written. And in these communities, one can often find the so-called “song hunters” who are looking for high-quality tracks for use in videos.

Use all resources available

It doesn't matter where you learned to play something - at Berkeley College of Music or at some online services - tell those who are studying there about your work. Your creativity is an advertisement for your school, your school is an advertisement for your creativity.

Streaming services

Streaming on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer and other platforms is a great opportunity to make some money. Perhaps, separately, these platforms will not bring you much profit, but in the aggregate, they can help, for example, save money for a new MIDI keyboard - still, it is better to write music online if you have a physical instrument.

Do not be afraid of money

Many musicians are fundamentally reluctant to take up commercial opportunities - for example, writing instrumentals for the order (and there are quite a lot orders on the freelance market for exchanges). Nevertheless, this is a great way to not only test a new free music writing software or progression generator, but also a good opportunity to make some money. As a rule, customers are not very demanding - usually, they just need a musical intro to their YouTube videos, which for the overwhelming majority of artists is not a rocket science.

Play, play and play again

It may seem to you that in the era of the Internet and free music, concerts bring profit only to world-class artists. In part, this is true - Beyonce and ‘U2’ do earn a lot of money - but even novice artists can get money for their performances. Do not be afraid to apply for participation in various festivals - they may not bring you as much money as you could bring in a small club or pub, but they will give you the opportunity to significantly expand your audience. In the era of “old” rock bands, concerts and shows were the main way to popularize the artists' work and, despite the huge changes in the music business, they still remain effective.

The ‘ChordChord’ team hopes that the methods described by us will help you in your work and creativity. Be calm and get the job done!

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