Jan 10, 2024

All Simple Guitar Chords That Could Be Played By Two Fingers

All Simple Guitar Chords That Could Be Played By Two Fingers

The ability to play the guitar is a demanding skill. A musician must spend a lot of time, strength and nerves of his neighbors in order to learn to play well at least simple guitar chords. Previously, it scared people who would like to do music but could not find time to master the instrument, but now, in an age of modern technology, even all the basic guitar chords can be played by you with just two fingers. How?

The virtual guitar is your best assistant

You absolutely do not need to hold a physical instrument. At the moment there are ample opportunities for writing guitar parts on the computer. In particular, many musicians use the sampler Kontakt from the company Native Instruments - it has a pleasant functionality, a large number of possibilities for tuning the sound and, most importantly, an incredible number of libraries. Classical guitar, noise guitar, rhythm guitar, a whole collection of instruments for classic rock - in a word, there is everything you need to translate your creative ideas.

Do not forget also that in addition to guitar presets and samples in Kontakt, Omnishpere and other virtual instruments, there is also the possibility to “transform” any instrument into a guitar. If, for example, the guys from ‘Sigur Ros’ in their experiments created a guitar on which to play with a bow, then why don't you try to use a guitar amplifier (Guitar Rig is one of the most popular plug-ins of this kind) on the keyboard or even bells?

If you want to know a little more about this, you can read our article on ‘three ways to make music online’.

Use the Chord Progression Generator

The musician should not only know the guitar notes but also be able to properly use them in a musical work. If you never studied at a music school or were not born one of the lucky ones with a predisposition to music, but want to express yourself, have a certain understanding of what your music should look like, then you can use chord generator - for example, the one from ChordChord.

This is exactly the instrument that allows you to play simple guitar chords with just two fingers, moreover, the system is designed to find and create extremely harmonious chord sequences. It doesn't matter if you just want to play B Chord or you need to create an incredible chord palette - the system will do everything for you regardless of key or bpm. You will need no DAW or midi-keyboard but remember: if you have an idea, use the generator only to develop and improve it; time to play with it will come later.

Do not forget, also, that it is necessary to use such instruments wisely - no virtual synthesizers and progression generators can replace your good musical education and the presence of a musical concept in your head. This is a tool for your creativity, the result depends solely on you.