Jan 3, 2024

3 Ways To Make Music Online

3 Ways To Make Music Online

The modern world is a very demanding thing. Life speeds up and quite often finding time for creativity or self-expression becomes very difficult, especially if this creativity requires you to be in a certain place or own a certain tool. But the old rule “who really wants, will find an opportunity” in this case works as well as possible. You do not have to be a master of playing the guitar, piano or have your own studio, because you can make music online.

In this small article, the ChordChord team will tell you about three basic ways to create music without physical instruments.

Online services

Even if you do not have the opportunity to install a virtual studio and plug-ins, you can simply type in the browser 'make music app' and a world of online DAW will open up to you. From the most popular ones two services should be mentioned:

BandLab stands out for its rather simple interface and being user-friendly, but writing tunes in it is not very easy; it would be more efficient to use the chord progression generator and transfer the obtained results to the BandLab Soundation has fewer presets and tools but is very easy to use

Chord generator

If you do not want to get used to the interface of the browser DAW, you can use the services that help you create the structure of the song. Start by creating common chord progressions, and then gradually complicate the melody, create the skeleton of the track. In this case, you need to have a good abstract thinking that will allow you to develop the product using a generator

Buying a ready instrumental track

This is perhaps the most popular way among beginners. Learning to write music is not easy, moreover, it is very time consuming, and therefore buying a track that has already been created and brought to a commercial level can help you. This method should be used if the lyrics you have written is more or less universal and is able to harmonize with other people's works. As a rule, it's about hip-hop or more traditional genres of dance music, which initially involve the imposition of a voice track by another person.

Despite there are a lot of methods of writing music, we strongly recommend only those ones that can bring you on another level as a musician and composer.