How To Understand Music

Music is the air. Music is what motivates each of us and in some cases makes us move forward to meet our goal. If you want everything to be fine, then you need to listen to music. It relaxes, makes the body rest and not only the body, but the soul. With music, you can lie down and dissolve. Music is something that can change your mood. You will feel like you are listening to music. It is very important to listen only to the music that amuses you.

The Idea

From ancient times to our days, music has always been and remains an important part of civilization. Over time, the process of creating music has changed - more words have appeared, music has become more melodic, a lot of amplifiers for musical instruments have appeared - but the desire to prove oneself in the song remains the same. We will tell you how to do it!

Music Theory

At the beginning music theory seems to be scary but it’s not. And, if you are as lazy as I am then you should know that there are a lot of information about music theory and it is Extremely Overcomplicated 💣.

That’s why I created the application and website that explains music theory as I would explain it to 5-years old child 😝 ! I’m not a music teacher and I won’t use music notation (someday I will). This Guide-Helper will help you to clarify a lot of music theory concepts and things that seem to be scary.

Here is it - Theory For Music Website

Anyway, if you just want to make some music - you can use Chord Progression Generator